De-cluttering your closet just got easy!


De-cluttering a closet doesn’t have to be so intimidating or arduous a process for any of us!!

Be it clothes, handbags, shoes, accessories, whatever that is lying in your closet unused for the last 100 days, you should ideally get rid of it.  So let’s get to it and de-clutter! We’re suggesting simple tips to help you empty all of it but the essentials. Be rigid with yourself if needed. Truly the aim is to get rid of at least half your closet and never having to say- ''I have nothing to wear''!

This is how-

1.      Set aside dedicated time to begin with!

In fact just so you know it definitely gives you loads of satisfaction and the Feel Good factor, considering you will only be wearing what you love and more so visually appealing that you would be inspired in doing that intermittently.


2.      Take all of it out!

Yes you got that right! All of it. Alternatively, you could choose to do a section at a time— but that could take a few extra steps, as you’ll have to repeat these steps for each section. It would work either way.


3.      Sort it into 3 boxes.

Go through every piece that you have pulled out. Ask yourself, holding every piece if you currently wear it and love it? For every piece that you got your answer to be a “Yes” goes into your Keep It Box.

Anything that you hesitated or were unsure off, goes into the Maybe box which is to be tossed off within 6 months. For all seasonal clothes eg. Thermals etc. You could keep them for 12 months. Ensure your Maybe box is is a small stack. You could actually wear the stuff from the Maybe Box and decide basis how you feel wearing it, rather how it looks! All the evident and obvious “No” goes into the Toss Away box.


4.      Clean and Replace!

Put all the stuff from your Keep It box back into your wardrobe and while doing so, see if you find anything that is odd to the eye, which does not match the others in your wardrobe. Stuff from your Maybe box can be secured and put away out of sight for 6 months to see if you really find the need to use it during that period, like the saying Out of sight out of mind! Of course the stuff from the Toss Away box can be consigned or given away to charity.


5.      Relax, Sit Back & Enjoy

Yay! You accomplished the task that you considered was going to be very arduous.

Relax, Sit back now & bask in the glory of seeing your new empty closet which is open for some much needed retail therapy as a reward ;-)

De-cluttered closet is a happy closet!