Women at Paralympics in 2016

Paralympics this year started with quite a few emotional moments and plenty of encouragement. The event marked its beginning in Rio on the 7th of September with an opening ceremony with the most awesome set of audience. We will see about 4,350 athletes from 170 different countries participating across 22 competitions at Rio Paralympics 2016. Have you decided whom to support though?

We have listed down a few amazing women athletes to actually follow during this year's Paralympics-

1. Ellie Simmonds (Team GB)

The 21 year old is one of the most recognized athletes in swimming. She is the first youngster to win BBC Sports Personality of the year and also received MBE. She is our perfect example for The Unstoppable! 

2. Megan Giglia (Team GB)

Megan suffered a brain haemorrhage that affected her right side movement but that did not stop her from winning the gold medal at Manchester Para-cycling event.

. 3. Lauren Steadman (Team GB)

Lauren is a remarkable tri-athlete. She competed as a swimmer at Beijing 2008 and London 2012 and now she is competing at Rio to win the gold. We wish her all the possible luck and strength too!

4. Charlotte Moore (Team GB)

Charlotte is 17 year old and is on wheelchair but she cares less of being restricted. She is a key player in her Basketball squad and loves how her life is at the moment.

5. Jiske Griffioen (Team Netherlands)

Jiske has a long list of winning titles! She has won 2 out of 3 singles Grand Slams, Australian Open as well as Roland Garros. She has an even longer list of supporters at Rio and we wish her list of trophies keep getting longer!

6. Zahra Nemati (Team Iran)

Zahra took up archery following an accident in 2004. She is on a wheelchair but is a role model for all the women and athletes with disabilities in the Muslim community. She is also the only Iranian woman with a gold medal. We know for sure that one day, we will see more of women with or without disabilities from the community stepping into the field and making their nations proud!

7. Nazmiye Muratli (Team Turkey)

Nazmiye is a powerlifter and lifts up to good 40kgs. She has won every possible title in the game since 2015. Nazmiye is on a wheelchair too but again, nothing can stop these women from achieving what they aim to.

BTW, she has already won her gold medal yesterday!


Over years, we have learned how important it is to not only conduct events in sports but thoroughly support the athletes of all types all over the world. We wish everyone in the game could own a gold medal but irrespective of whether they already do or don't, they are already real heroes!