Fashion is Unfair

If you're a woman living in India who loves fashion and you shop like it's your job, we bet you're not a very happy woman right now. 

Enter the sad state of affairs fashion-wise, in our country: if you want to go out shopping today, you probably have a list of 3 malls at a maximum on your list  - provided you live in a metro, that is - with about 3 good stores in each. Let's even say 10 brands in total you know you'll find something at. TEN brands out of the THOUSANDS available in the world!

And that's just high street. Luxury fashion is a whole other issue. 

Do you know how many luxury fashion brands exist worldwide? 233. And how many do we have here in India? 18. That's a whole LOT of Michael Kors, Guccis, Chanels and Louis Vuittons you're missing out on! Then there's the fact that all of these are super expensive. So by the time you save up and invest in a good bag, the trend's out already.


Luxury fashion is not easily accessible...

...not affordable,

...and changes too quick.

Zapyle is here to change all that! Now you can shop your favourite international luxury brands and collections from Indian designers at a fraction of their original cost - upto 80% discounted. All authentic. Our guarantee. 

Join hands with us in the #FashionIsUnfair campaign. Let's make fashion fair!

To participate-

Click on any of the links below and follow the steps to share your story. The best story wins voucher worth Rs.5,000 from Zapyle.