The 5 Most Iconic Louis Vuitton Bags

One of the most legendary and iconic fashion houses in history, one doesn’t need to be a fashion connoisseur to know that Louis Vuitton’s monogrammed bags are vied for the world over. The brand started with luxury leather trunk and goods and through the years has introduced totes that are still coveted today. 

Here’s a shoutout to the most iconic LV bags of all time – because you’ve gotta know your Vuitton!

The Keepall

The leather trunks and luggage that Louis Vuitton first created for the rich and famous are what cemented the brand’s luxe quality and appeal. Designed by Georges Vuitton, The Keepall made its debut in the early 1930s, and its classic design now influences the modern ‘Weekender Bags’ today. 

This one is unisex, comes in four sizes to and makes the perfect travel companion while you jet set around the world. 

The Speedy

The Speedy came around in the ‘30s when Louis Vuitton decided to make a more practical, smaller version of the Keepall for daily wear. The Speedy 30 (denoting its length, 30 cms long) was the original one, but when
Audrey Hepburn asked for a littler version, LV had to oblige – thus came the Speedy 25, followed by the Speedy 35, and Speedy 40. 

The Noé

The second oldest of the Louis Vuitton bag family, the Noé was born in 1932 when a well known champagne makes requested a bag to be created to hold 5 bottles of his best stuff. Behold the Noé! It is now available in two sizes: The “Petite Noé” and the “Noé”.

The Alma

The Alma’s pedigree can be traced to the original Art Deco icon, introduced in 1934. The most structured of the iconic Louis Vuitton handbags (and thus super functional and practical), the original was created by Gaston Vuitton, and named it after the Parisian Alma Bridge. Since then, the iconic silhouette crafted of Épi leather, has guised in an array of hues and sizes. 

The Neverfull

How this bag got its name is practically a no-brainer – no matter which size you opt for (PM, MM or GM), it’s never going to get full! Launched in 2007, this simple, spacious tote style became an instant hit with celebrities and commoners alike for its functionality and versatility – a sleek city bag all the way.