Blogger Spotlight : La Chica Loca

Scroll through Delhi-born and Mumbai/Pune-based Aakriti Rana’s 230k followers-strong Instagram, and you know this is one fashion blogger that not only has a huge fan following, but is also adored and looked up to by many for her young, fresh, relatable style. Her YouTube is no different – it’s populated with fun, easy-on-the-eyes videos from Sarojini Nagar hauls to skincare dos and don’ts. Here’s a fashion blogger who hasn’t just garnered followers, but has also managed to be well-loved by millennials of the country. 

If you ask her, her varied army background probably has something to do with it. “I’ve studied at almost 14 schools all over the country, in places like Leh Ladakh,” she says. 

As if her current achievements aren’t impressive, the girl lets on that she’s quite a multitasker. “I’m a very creative person who loves to take risks and do what I love. Apart from being a blogger, I’m a photographer, graphic designer, have an MBA and have even tried my hand at modelling during college.”

How did she zero in on this offbeat career then? “I always wanted to be a fashion designer as a kid – I’ve been designing my outfits for a long time now. Even during my MBA, I actively posted my outfits on social media. After my education I worked for 6 months, left, took up blogging full time and never looked back. My only goal in life is to keep doing what I love and improvise on my work to move ahead,” the ambitious girl explains. 

Moving on to style which is what she’s most known for, Aakriti says she’s a bit of a moody dresser, “My style is very versatile. I love wearing anything that makes me feel comfortable – comfort is priority. Sometimes I’ll do edgy, sometimes I’m very girly. I have a crazy collection of sneakers and I could wear them with almost everything!”

As far as blogging goes, the fashionista has her goals sorted: she believes good content and really listening to your followers’ requests and suggestions is the secret to staying relevant. And judging by her beautiful professional pictures and videos, it’s evident she’s particular about that too. “Photography is of utmost importance in blogging to make you stand out from the crowd. It's important to have a good camera, to know good editing and have someone who knows all your good angles! My pictures are mostly taken by my friend Shaurya. We both generally shoot together and click for each other,” she reveals. 


And while she’ll tell you blogging is hard work, it’s also worth it at the end of the day. (And we’re not talking about the fact that she bought herself an Audi at the age of 24! – her proudest achievement till date.)

“I love the appreciation and recognition I get from my followers. That feeling when someone recognizes you in public places is something that cannot be described in words. My husband was in the Indian Idol show long ago and I remember how people used to recognize him everywhere. Now when he sees people approaching me, he feels so proud!,” she smiles.

But it would really help if Indians stopped thinking fashion bloggers just shopped for a living, she says. “It is relatively new in India and most people don't understand this field. Some people think that we are models, some think that we are designers and others just think we shop everyday. So blogging still needs to grow as a profession in India and hopefully we’ll see progress soon,” she opines.

If you love Aakriti’s style, here’s something you can look forward to before she signs off! 

“My closet is full all the time, so Zapyle is an amazing place where I list all my preloved outfits and accessories. It helps in making some space in my closet, earn money and use it to shop for things I’m eyeing.” So watch this space for more!

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