Style Profile : Style On Wings


If you’re between the ages of 18-25, love keeping up with the hottest trends and cannot do without a dash of fun and colour in your wardrobe, you’re going to love Malvika Gupta’s style! With 62.7k Instagram followers, and a cool blog, Style On Wings, is one of the most popular bloggers in the country. 

The Delhi-bred fashion blogger belongs to a digital media background, but when she realized wasn’t deriving any satisfaction from the job, she decided to try her hand at what she always gravitated to: fashion. And the funny thing is, the style star didn’t even know what blogging was until some time ago!

“I was always a fashion person, but I didn’t know what blogging was until I came across Instagram! Can you believe that? Once I got the hang of it though, there was no looking back!”, she says. 

The best part about Style On Wings is probably that it’s one of the happiest, sunniest, most colourful Instagrams you’ll come across – something that directly correlated to the blogger’s personal style quotient. 

“My style is chic and bohemian. I love experimenting with quirky things and adding different elements to every look. Something like this!,” she explains. 

As you can see, her look blends the casual cool of on-trend off shoulder and denim, but also includes cute little baubles to make the outfit burst with colour and add a bit of Indian as well. She’ll wear a maxi skirt, a oho staple, but it will have Mickey Mouse printed all over it. Malvika has a knack for making trends her own – not just adopting them blindly. 

“I always make it a point to showcase outfits that are wearable – something that every girl can connect with it,” she adds.

Which is why her favourite latest trends are probably your too. “I’m loving the quirky trend - I wear everything from pom pom bags to pom pom slippers – pom poms everywhere! Also, frills and ruffles will definitely be big in the coming time,” she forecasts. 

With so many followers who adore the fashionista’s style, one wonders how she feels about all the attention – a simply 20-something like you and I.  
“My followers are my proudest achievement! I’ve got so much love from my blog readers! When people replicate my style or look, I get the satisfaction of having contributed to someone’s life in my own way,” she gushes. 

The best part about the girl though is that she makes it looks so easy. “The challenge is to stay updated with the latest trends. There’s always something new, you have to keep up. Plus fashion blogging is growing fast – there are new bloggers cropping up everyday!,” she says. She sure makes it look like it’s fun!

And likewise, Malvika loves Zapyle! “I love it – in a time when you have to keep up with fashion, this is an app that helps to save money and afford luxury! I have bags and oodles of stuff in my wardrobe that’s going to be up for sale on the app, so stay tuned!”

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