Miuccia Prada - When Prada rose to fame

The grandfather and granddaughter duo, Mario and Miuccia, have together established a fashion empire that is known for its  "reserved" designs, meaning no flashy colors and not much of branding revealed apart from the famous upside down traingle logo. Miuccia Prada takes the maximum credit for Prada's success in handbags as well as clothing lines for both men and women. She comes out as extremely soft-spoken but knows exactly how to keep this huge luxury fashion game going!

Here is a list of facts about her that may surprise you

- Miuccia Prada's original name is Maria Bianchi.

- In 1913, Prada began as an Italian leather bag manufacturer, handled by Mario Prada, but the real fame of Prada took off due to the success of Miuccia Prada in 1949.

- Mario Prada started creating these luxury bags but Miuccia introduced the men's and women's clothing lines in Prada.

- It costs a lot money to not only produce her design but to produce them in the right conditions.

- She married her business partner Patrizio Bertelli, whom she gives all the credit for creating the multi-billion dollar empire!

- Prada revealed that Miuccia is a feminist and she once hated the idea of working in fashion.

- Miuccia launched her own line Miu Miu in the year 1993. The entire line is based off of her own personal style. 

 - Miuccia is very clear about her beliefs in showing less skin. There have been instances when the women in her office were told off for exposing more than required.

- Who would have thought that Miu Miu would be created by a Political Science student who earned her PhD in same from the University of Milan.

Stay tuned to know more about Prada and Miu Miu and surprising deals on their most loved items (for first time in India) ;-)