Classy AF Nude Pieces For All Occasions!

It's all about minimalism these days, thanks to Celine and the Kardashians and their nude bodycon dresses and nude lace up stilettos. Nude is everybody's favourite colour to wear right now. It instantly lends an air of sophistication, can be paired with literally any outfit or style and can be dressed up or down faster than you can say Kim. 

Whether you're going for chic, trendy or classic, different styles can be built using the neutral tone as a foundation. And with celebrities obsessed with the colour on the red carpet and making it their key to street style, there's no dearth of inspiration on how to wear this classy shade. Say hello to your new fave staple.

Some ways to wear it? Go all nude, break it up with black or colour, pair it with animal prints (if you're still into that) or just team it with denim - there's literally no way you can't wear nude!

Here are some looks we created for you - but the best part? All the shoes and bags are available to buy on Zapyle. So pick a favourite and hit 'buy' already!