Chatting With Stylish Mother-Daughter Duos

We agree one day just isn’t enough to celebrate the special, eternal relationship that’s shared between mother and daughter, but we’re glad there’s one anyway! Zapyle chatted up with four super stylish, gorgeous mother-daughter teams to discover their relationship, their style and their beautiful memories related to fashion. Prepare to have your heart melted! And your style inspo significantly richer. 


The Daughter:

“I have memories of my mother wearing dark, bold lipstick once in a while and I remember thinking she looked absolutely gorgeous. The reason it stood out even more, was because she didn't overdo it. I try to follow this little rule of not overdoing anything, thanks to her!

My personal style is very casual and comfortable, and comfort is top priority for me. I think my mom appreciates my style, but doesn't like the fact that I prefer neutrals and pastels over bright, funky colours! though we don't really share clothes, we go shopping together and she sometimes gives me advice when she gets a glimpse of me trying something on in a trial room.

I think Zapyle is a great app, it is very user friendly and has an attractive interface. I was quite impressed to see so many products to pick from!”

The Mother:

“When Sabrina was growing up, I remember always stressing on keeping warm during the cold weather, and I know this definitely taught her a thing or two about layering!

My style secret is dressing for the occasion – it always works. My daughters design and pick up a lot of clothes for me, so they pretty much have to like my style! But if I had a chance to steal from her closet, it would be Sabrina’s sundresses! 

I love the concept of re-selling things that aren't being used. And it is especially hard to sell personal items like shoes and sunglasses – Zapyle to the rescue!”



The Daughter:

“My mother has been influencing my style ever since I was born. From stitching dainty little ruffled frocks for me to taking me fabric shopping at the age of 4, I remember after discovering my interest in fashion illustration and design at the age of 5, she handed me a huge sketch book, made me watch back-to-back retro movies and explained to me how I should take cues from the outfits they used to wear, and that shaped my fashion sensibilities a lot.

Even now, fashion is our major bonding factor. We make spontaneous shopping trips around the world, solely for the purpose of buying global fashion. We literally shop an entire day and night, and then catch a flight back next morning! If there’s an important event coming up, we have a serious discussion for an hour (with the room door locked for nobody to disturb us), trying on outfit after outfit. Our daily activities include styling each other and taking pictures of each other – it’s so fun!

My personal style currently is very experimental, but it leans a lot towards feminine with oomph and full throttle glamour. Although my mother thinks I should calm down on that front and dress up more ethnic!

I know a lot of women who revel in the idea of owning a piece of luxury by paying a few extra thousands over their high-street budget – this is where Zapyle comes in. When you get to own a DKNY dress for four grand, I think your entire existence is sorted! (laughs) To make things better, there's the option to sell which takes care of your guilt after over-indulgence. But besides that, it's a very thoughtful concept that I find extremely apt and rewarding for a country growing in fashion.”

The Mother:

“I used to give Farah all my old sarees and challenge her to design an outfit that she has never seen on anybody – this really helped to stimulate her creative instincts. I know that I influence her style a lot – I criticize her when her outfit is mismatched, and tell her which trend she should follow. I’ve also styled her in a lot of her blog posts! (grins)

While I would describe my personal style as classy, powerful and bound to Indian handlooms and weaves, my daughter helped me move from georgette/chiffon sarees to more sophisticated and organic sarees: think Chanderi, Patola, Jamdani, etc. She also advises me if any look of mine is not “glam enough” and makes me change immediately!

If I had a chance, I would love to steal her lipstick collection, her perfume collection and most importantly, her lingerie collection! (grins)

Zapyle is a wonderful platform for women who prefer quality over quantity and are willing to pay an amount that does not burn a hole in their pockets. It’s especially helpful since women have become such aware and conscious shoppers – I love it!”



The Daughter:

“I think our mothers have been the greatest influence in shaping our sense of style when we had only little exposure to the world of fashion. My mother has always had a unique sense of style and she always knows how to make her outfits stand out – that's something that I learn from her. When I was a kid, she once shaved my head with the channel [V] sign and would dress me up in punk clothes just for personal kicks! – can you imagine that? (laughs)

While my style is very minimalistic – a pair of blue jeans and a white shirt is my go to outfit and my wardrobe is dominated by blacks whites greys and nudes, my mother loves bright colors and loud prints so she wishes my style was more colorful. But I think we should leave that behind in the 80s! (laughs)

Whenever I'm stepping out of the house she looks at me from top to bottom and always has a comment ready – "Wear your shades" or "Take that jacket off" or "Your pants look funny – change!", and she always takes my suggestions when she's dressing up.

Zapyle is great idea! We always need more reason to shop and what's better than getting a beautiful designer piece for half the price? It's also a great way to clear out your wardrobe and make some easy money!”

The Mother:

“I've always taken great interest in imbibing a sense of style in Shamaila since the time she couldn't even speak properly! So yes, I think I have influenced her quite a bit in this aspect – especially considering she’s now a much sought after professional stylist and fashion model! (smiles) Even when she’d go out to play in the neighbourhood, I remember telling her to be conscious about her dressing and how important it was to have a personal sense of style and set trends rather than following them.

Personally, elegance is my priority and I dress to be distinct. Though, my daughter accuses me of dressing younger than my age, don’t believe her! (laughs) All the same, she proudly flaunts me whenever we go out together.

My wardrobe is basically hers: she goes around the town collecting the best stuff and I end up wearing most of them. Of late, I've got into better shape so I secretly try on her clothes to see if they’d fit me – don’t tell her! (giggles)

Zapyle is a great platform for all women to reach their style goals – however high-end they might be. I’m super excited about getting on the app – I have so many things I want to sell and I’m definitely going berserk shopping!”