8 Sexy Swimsuits For Different Body Types

Hands down the best part about summer? Being in close proximity to a pool or any water body, really! And you know what that means: super cute/sexy swimwear!
And if you're worrying about the glaring fact that you don't really have a 'bikini bod', well, don't, because who cares! The mimosas are out, the long sunny days are all yours to have, so you just do you. But if you do need some styling tips when it comes to aqua gear, here it is. 
Take a look at the different styles of swim wear and which body type they best suit. Go splash!


Athletic 1.jpg

We're guessing you might not have too many curves on that super fit bod of yours, but if you do want some, cutout pieces work best to create the illusion of curves. And don't forget to show off those washboard abs!

Broad Torso

Tip to remember: halter necks shave off the breadth of broad shoulders considerably, so pick this style if you do have a larger torso. It's also a really pretty style, so there. 


That hourglass waist is waiting to be shown off, so flaunt it! A one-piece suit will hug you at all the right places and a two piece will display those gorgeous curves front and centre, so you choose. 


It's only the slinkiest pieces for you! Try cutouts and crop+bikini bottom combos - they're so hot right now.