What Do Your Favorite Shoes Say About Your Personality?

Kenneth Cole once said, “The average woman falls in love seven times a year. Only six are with shoes.”

And just like your taste in men says a lot about you, we believe your footwear preferences give a major lowdown on your personality. Instantly attracted to a pair of sky scrapers? You might be more of social butterfly than you know. Love cozying up in a pair of Uggs? You’re probably a home bird deep down inside. 

Go ahead, pick a style that you wear the most! 

Queen Of Chic

You love the limelight! Your vivacious personality is best exuded when surrounded with different people you share different rapports with. You love standing out from a crowd (hence the attachment to stilettos) and ooze so much confidence, it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, because you’re grabbing the eyeballs anyway. Slay, fashionista!

Practical Pam

For you, comfort is paramount, whether it’s shoes or anything else. You feel it’s silly to make a spectacle of yourself and believe it’s more important to be realistic and practical before anything else. Especially considering your busy bee life frequently interspersed with travelling bouts – slinky heels don’t figure. Keep at it, girl!

Risk Taker

Whether it’s crazy shoes or eating octopus, you’ll try anything once! You’re updated with the latest trends and are constantly waiting for that special calling – to try a new trend. Spiked heels, colour blocking, Oxfords, you’re first at the mall to get your hands on anything new and exciting. Your friends know you’re their go-to when it comes to trying anything new – a mixology class or bungee jumping. Don’t stop being fun central! 

Universal Sweetheart

Being the nicest person on your friends’ speed dial doesn’t stop you from volunteering at the animal shelter, helping out at the old age home and meeting your work/school deadlines with cushion time left. You’re smart, super efficient and like to be presentable and approachable at all times. That’s why a cute pair of ballet flats are your go-to shoes – they’re both pretty and comfy. But that doesn’t mean you don’t experiment - a wedge in the summer and some kitten heels in the winter are just what you like!