How To Keep Your Expensive Shoes Clean Under A Budget

1. Suede

Although there are a number of brushes especially designed for suede shoes available in the market, we will look into the process that can be done with whatever tools are available at home.
Toothbrush with soft bristles
Soft white eraser
Soft towel/Paper towel
Nail Filer
TIP 1- First thing first! If your suedes get wet, let them dry on their own! Do not rub any cloth or paper to dry them up. 
TIP 2- Use a toothbrush with soft bristles in circulation motion to get rid of the dirt from your shoes. Gently rub off as much dirt as possible.
TIP 3- Use soft towel/paper towel to wipe your entire shoe- from tip to sole and inside-out.
TIP 4- If your light colored suedes have been attacked by dark marks, you can use the soft white eraser to get rid of the darker spots that cannot be removed with the toothbrush or towels. Rub the eraser gently and use the toothbrush to get rid of eraser pieces and leftover dirt.
TIP 5- Extremely stubborn stains that are too adamant to leave your suedes alone? Use a nail filer to get rid of them.

2. Leather

Leather shoes need the most attention. They must be cleaned regularly or routinely depending on how often you use them. 
Petroleum Jelly
Regular conditioner

TIP 1- Polish is the best product to use on your leather shoes for removing stains and increasing its lasting power. Using polish also retains natural oils of the leather.
TIP 2- Add a few drops of vinegar in a wet cotton cloth and clean your leather shoes. If your shoes have been ruined by water, snow or mud stains, use a toothbrush with soft bristles dipped into vinegar and gently rub on the stain.
TIP 3- Scuffs on your leather boots spoiling the entire look? Dip a cotton swab in some petroleum jelly and gently rub on the mark.
TIP 4- What to do when you do not have leather polish? Use your regular hair conditioner with a soft cloth and gently wipe your leather shoes.

3. Satin

So you picked up these pretty satin heels to match with your wedding dress. You give your dress for dry-cleaning but fear putting your satin shoes through the same process? While there are several cleaners that can be used to clean satin shoes, here's what you can do with Vodka, Cotton balls, Soft dry cloth and Hair Dryer.

STEP 1- Use a soft dry cloth to wipe the shoes.
STEP 2- Add a few drops of neat Vodka on a cotton ball and gently rub on the stains. Repeat with clean cotton balls until the stains disappear.
STEP 3- After the stains are gone, use moist cotton balls and rub on the area where the stains used to be. Use dry cotton balls to wipe off the excess water or water marks.
STEP 4- To dry the water on your shoes faster, use a hair dryer in cool setting.
In case your shoes have not been affected by a stubborn stain, you can use a pinch of gentle detergent and a soft cloth to get rid of them.