Bringing 3D skirts and more to your attention

This summer, we have overloaded our closets with bandhani, mandala prints, galaxy prints and how can we leave out the most popular floral category! But what about 3D skirts? These pretty little skirts break the mundane long skirt routine. These can either be your ultimate fave or just not your pick at all! But, hey, they are still cute and you can either dress up or dress down with them.
Let's have a look at what more we can add to our closet-
1. 3D rose skirts

Pretty pastels like peach and pink or deep colors like maroon and emerald- you can pair them up with your casual sneakers or classy pumps. These can be your cute skirts in summer or bold style with tights during winter. Them skirts are never going out of fashion!

2. Embellished skirts

Embellished skirts are a hippie's fave mini skirt- the fringes, the beads, the big stones styled with chunky belts. Dress them down with easy-going long boots or dress them up with high sparkly stilettos. These fit into our brunch theme too well!

3. Feather skirts

We saw the long feather coats during winter. How about the feather skirts in summer? Trendy girls have worn them on the streets and to the clubs. These are a total date steal- sassy & sexy!

Are you a Princess, a Hippie or the Trendy one?