3 Fab Outfits For Your Summer Vacay

Summer vacations are unarguably everyone's fave time of the year - whether you're 6 or 26. Now that we aren't 6 anymore though, we're super excited about our vacay wardrobe rather than Powerpuff Girls reruns, but hey, same thing!

Here we made fun little outfit mood boards for you to rock on your exotic getaway, whether a beach holiday or a history-rich spot. Get packing!


Why has this place so quickly become a holiday go-to? Because it has the perfect balance of sun-filled beaches and culturally rich city streets. And so should your suitcase if you're planning on jet setting to Barcelona - have a good mix of bright, summery colours + chic pieces for your museum visits. 


This is the ultimate beach destination - serene expanses of water and hours of sunbathing lie ahead of you, so just pack the essentials - cute bikinis, flouncy floral shirt dresses, floppy hats and of course, your sexy beach bod! 


If you're a lover of classic, minimalist style, you'll fit right in here with the art and the history. Pick tailored, simple pieces in neutrals and don't forget to take your flats along for those long gallery visits!