5 Ways To Figure Out if Your Branded Luxury Bag Is Authentic

In an age where Birkin bags have waiting lists and you see second and third copies of Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors and Gucci totes a dime a dozen, we don’t blame you for sometimes not being able to tell the difference between the real thing and the fake one. Well, not anymore!

Zapyle is a platform where you’re assured that any preloved/brand new luxury item you buy is 100% authentic (at affordable prices!), so you never have to worry. But just FYI, we put down a list of points to keep in mind to determine the authenticity of any bag, so you’re a pro at it too! Here it is:

Authenticity Card

First things first, check for an authenticity card. Most luxury designers including Fendi®, Prada®, and Christian Dior® include these with their merchandise, carrying basic information such as the model number or a style number, a care booklet, and usually include a magnetic strip or a bar code.

Serial Number

Most designer handbags also come with a serial number, usually found on the inside pocket, so just turn the pocket inside out make sure to look very closely  to see an embossed printed number on the lining. Sometimes the serial number is engraved on a leather strip tag, like in Hermes® - some of the newer Fendi® models also will have a hologram attached to a tag sewn into the lining of the bag.

Monogram Lining

Brands usually design the bag’s lining with their signature brand monogram. What you have to watch out for: that the monogram on the lining is woven into the fabric, not stamped on the it. Also, the lining on fake bags is usually a stiff fabric, or may feel abrasive, and not silky smooth and of good quality like a real one.


Leather Detailing

Look closely at the cut of the leather especially around the interior zippered pocket, because most bags have this. The cut and the length between the stitching and the edge of the leather should be exact all the way around the pocket. Also check for any other leather cuts, such as the leather tabs that support the D rings on authentic bags – they should look flawless.


The straps are a huge giveaway when it comes to spotting a fake, so zoom in on those. If they appear a little stiff, with the stitches used for sewing appearing in a different contrasting color, it’s a fake. The stitches also don’t appear straight, or won’t be evenly spaced. If it’s a fake, you’ll also notice "layers" of leather and vinyl, whereas an authentic bag’s straps are always made of solid fine leather which when viewed from the side will look like one single piece. Sometimes, even the straps of real bags are aesthetically designed to have a synthetic look, but upon a closer look at the edge of the strap, chances are, you’ll see a solid leather core.