5 Ways You’re Shopping SO Wrong

1.     You’re spending way too much on the wrong things
Okay, splurging on a super expensive dress once in a while is great to treat yourself, but when you’re shopping for basics, shop smart! A black pleated skirt from Forever21 looks exactly like one from a designer brand, and will last you a good while too, so why not spend quarter the amount and get full use of the piece?

2.     Your selection is all over the place

We get it, trends are a confusing, quick-changing thing to get a hold of, but buying too many different colours and prints will make it really difficult to put together outfits. We’re not saying don’t experiment, but make sure you know at least three different ways you can pair up anything you buy. Unless you’re a natural-born stylist, try stocking up on neutrals and stick to what you know will look good on you – at least for daily wear.

3.     You buy the wrong silhouettes

In case you missed the memo, stores have trial rooms so you can try before you buy. Sure poufy midi skirts are all the rage right now, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to flatter you. If a figure-hugging skirt is more your thing, you can have a variety in the style. This doesn’t mean you should stop having fun with fashion and trying new things, but try before you buy!

4.     You’re shopping at too many different places

Every brand has a different aesthetic, and it’s up to you to decide which one best suits your personal style. This doesn’t mean you make Zara your one-stop shop and ignore the rest, but it can be your go-to. Also, clothes from the same designer tend to go together well. So mix it up, but know your failsafes!

5.     You’re underestimating the power of expensive accessories

We keep reiterating it, but it still never seems to be enough – accessories have the power to make or break any outfit. Jewellery attracts the eye and you don’t want to attract attention to anything cheap-looking. When it comes to your baubles, make sure you pick quality over quantity.