3 Ways To Take Your Bag From Drab To Fab

A bag that’s straight out of your dreams is sometimes difficult to find. And sometimes, you get really bored of your basic everyday bag. Sure, it houses all your life essentials, but that’s just more reason to spice it up! A little customization goes a long way in taking a regular tote from drab to fab, and who doesn’t want to make their accessories prettier? The trick though is choosing embellishments of good quality and don’t scream cheap, so take your time picking the right baubles and don’t throw together something makeshift just for the sake of it. And hey, we bet this will turn out to be super fun! It can be your very own DIY project.

Here are some cool ways to amp up your bag game!

All Tied Up

Scarves are a great way to enhance the beauty of your basic bag. Just twist it around your bag’s handles, and voila! – you’ve revamped the entire thing. Just one thing though: don’t go wrong while pairing them up – if your bag is plain and in a solid colour, then choose a scarf with a cool print and with colours that complement the bag’s. If your bag has a lot going on, keep the scarf simple. You can also try this trick with a bandana!

Furry Charms

Hand-dyed furry pom-poms are popping up on bags everywhere, and quite unsurprisingly, because they’re the easiest way to give your bag a chic upgrade. Some even have little faces, wear glasses and have super cute names! You know you want one of these.

Sticker Up

Did you have a sticker craze when you were a kid – and never grew out of it? Well, here’s a creative way to channel your good old sticker hobby! We’re sure Alia Bhatt fans would definitely agree, seeing as the actress has been sporting them on her bags lately. And this is probably the easiest DIY ever – just pin badges and slap on stickers to create your very own canvas! Just make sure your bag is in a basic solid colour, preferably neutral ones.