Be a Shoe Expert : How To Tell Between Cheap and Expensive

Like all good things in life, shoes can be expensive. The key is to know what you’re investing in looks like it’s worth the money. And hey, even if you’re doing a one-off and buying some shoes just for the sake of it, you don’t want them to look like you bought them on an outlet mall sale, though you might’ve!

So here are some tips to differentiate between cheap and expensive looking shoes – read closely!

Beware of Platforms

15-3-16 Post2.jpg

Rule 1: Stay away from really high platforms – the higher it is, the cheaper your shoe looks! Sleeker shoes with out any platform always tend to look chic. The caveat though: no-platform shoes are super uncomfortable. Simple solution: Find a pair that has a smaller platform than the actual sole of the shoe.

Be Careful with Animal Print

Guys, we’re in 2016 – the animal print craze died out about a decade ago, so get over it! But if you’re still an animal print enthusiast, use it sparingly, especially in your shoes. So throw out those full on cheetah skins and invest in a pair that has the slightest, chicest carnal influence. 

On Point

Speaking trend-wise, pointy shoes are enjoying their moment on the fashion scene right now. Which is a great thing actually, because they give you a more streamlined, polished look. So ditch the rounded toes for a while, and be on point!

Buckle Trouble

Boots aren’t that easy to go wrong with, until the buckle comes into the picture. Keep your fastening classy – fancy laces and embellishments practically scream cheap – stay a mile away from those! Instead, pick a pair with smart tailoring and subtle buckles.