5 Ways To Style A White Tank Like A Pro

Sometimes, we don’t see the potential in our own wardrobes. We have a number of pieces that come with unlimited possibilities, but we probably use only a small part of it. Take your white tank for example: it’s in the most colour, it’s super comfortable and it can be dressed down and just as easily dressed up. We all definitely have one – probably in different styles even – but we only seem to wear it with jeans. YAWN.


Let’s switch it up! Here are 5 cool ways to style your basic white tank/tee – of course we’ve included the basic sweats-sneakers look, because let’s not kid ourselves, it is pretty much everyone’s go-to. Here they are!

Classic Sweats

As we said, nothing beats the quintessential sweats-sneakers-tank combo when it comes to casual dressing. It’d super comfy and super stylish all in the same breath and it literally suits everyone!

Boho Chic

Extend your basic white top to a white skirt with some pretty embroidery or embellishment. Keeping a mono colour through the putfit works especially well when you want to highlight a statement accessory – in this case, the shoes and bag.


Casual Summer


Use the white tank to experiment by pairing it with the latest trends. For example, these simple culottes. It acts as a safe anchor when you want to try something new. Don’t forget to accessorize!

Denim Game


Want to do 70s? It’s totally hot right now! Pair your tank with a denim midi, throw onatan bag and you’re rocking the coolest fashion decade!

Floral Queen

Are you a flower child at heart? A feminine floral skirt works well with a white tank when you keep it simple.