Here’s Why The Early 2000's Was A Dark Period In Fashion

The 2000s were fun for a lot of things – the advent of Paris Hilton, Britney Spears’ peaking music career, halter tops, bum shorts. But the decade’s offerings were definitely overridden by its cringe worthy trends – some of them we shudder at the thought of even now. The early 2000s were a bad place for fashion, but it’s always funny to look back and laugh at the bygones, right?

Let us refresh your memory with some super hot 2000s trends that are well, not-so-hot right now. Try frozen. Happy nostalgia, we guess!

Tinted sunglasses

From Mary-Kate and Ashley to Queen Bey – every celeb who is not a style star has been through the hazy phase of tinted glares. Let’s just leave those to Elton John and Barbie, shall we?

Jeans with Bedazzled Back Pockets

Rhinestones, sequins, embroidery, beads. Seriously, what were we thinking? We hope your wardrobe made the grand purge to eliminate all the pairs of bedazzled jeans it used to house, because no place for those in this decade!

Tie-Up Shirts

Okay we agree tie-up crop tops are cool even now in a cowgirl-chic way (when done right), but just remembering how obsessively we used to wear these in the Y2K (ew) makes us never want to set eyes on another tie-up top again.

Tattoo choker necklaces

This was probably the biggest high school trend of all times after snapbacks. We bet you had so many, you probably switched with your girl gang during recess. Lucky though, because even though the wired/tattoo version is gone for good, the choker has made an unexpected comeback thanks to Kendall Jenner and squad.

Too Much Denim


Just take a look at every second throwback of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake (or any boy band for that matter) and you’ll definitely see them in head to toe denim, flaunting it. They’re even denim twinning here. Ugh.

Low Rise Flared Jeans


Every time we think about these, we just say a quiet little prayer: Please, never come back.

Dresses/Long Tops Over Pants

We agree, dresses over pants was the latest trend from the year that just went by, but definitely not how Jessica Alba is doing them here. And again, go away, flared jeans.

Slogan T-Shirts

There are some cool normcore and athleisure versions of slogan tees, we have to agree – some that are even actually funny – but the slogan tees from the 2000s? Probably only Paris Hilton could pull those of.

Velour Tracksuits

Another celebrity favourite from the decade, velour sweat suits especially made popular by Juicy Couture, were all the rage. Well, some of us could be accused of still owning these, (because hey, they’re super comfy) but we’d never show them off in public. No, thank you.

Livestrong Bands

Remember the Livestrong bands that became a global phenomenon? Granted, they were for a good cause and all, but suddenly, everyone was sporting one (or different coloured ones) of these on their wrists and never took them off until years later. You might even have a few hiding somewhere, but let them just stay hidden, please?

Newsboy Caps

Britney Spears was the leader of this movement, and these are clearly ‘toxic’. Next!

Brand Logo T-Shirts

Prada, Guess, Gucci, Juicy – we love all of these but definitely not in big, bold, (worse) bedazzled letters emblazoned on t-shirt fronts and (worse) on your butt. Thank God, these are now a thing of the past.

Ruffled Mini Skirts


From Christina Aguilera to Avril Lavigne and Miley Cyrus, pretty much every teen popstar at the turn of the century sported a version of the ruffled mini skirt – some even on the red carpet! * gasp * But let’s focus on the fact that that won’t happen again. Right? Right?

Capri Pants

Now only reserved for middle aged women who got stuck in a time warp.

Platform Flip Flops

Platform flip flops = fashion disaster, except if you have a serious condition in your foot and it needs some serious cushioning. Then again, we’d rather wear doctor’s shoes.