5 Things To Remember Before Shopping For Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress is not just any other piece of clothing (it's way more precious than that Gucci dress you spent half your salary on, imagine that). A ton of emotions are attached to that one special dress, not to mention the pictures that are going to lay forever! Plus, it's going to be quite an investment - so below are some points to keep in mind before you begin your quest for that dream wedding dress. Happy hunting! 

  • Do Your Research

The first step is to have a clear idea of what you really want. Create a Pinterest board, Google till your fingers hurt and make a collection of inspiration images so you and the designer/store you'll be approaching have a good image of what you're looking for.

  • Be Prepared Way In Advance

You never know what obstacle might come your way to finding that dream dress - the designer might not be available, the style might not be in stock, there could be a delay in fittings - just avoid all these things and start your search way in advance. A good 6 months prior to the wedding helps!

  • Know Your Budget

Have a lower limit and good cushion upper limit. Do NOT exceed the upper limit even if it's the most glorious dress you ever saw. There's a budget for a reason, and we're sure even Kim Kardashian had one.

  • Don't Overcrowd Your Fitting

Your girl squad is obviously going to be excited to of sharing this experience with you, but you can't take all of them to your fitting. You're just going to be overwhelmed with the different opinions and you'll never be able to make your kind up. Just take one or two people whose opinions you trust completely. 

  • You'll Just KNOW 

Whatever you had in mind, you'll just KNOW when you see that perfect dress. It's going to be like love at first sight. As soon as the zip goes up you'll know this dress was always going to be a part of your fairytale wedding. And don't settle for anything less than that!