3 Fashion-Forward Trends To Try This Party Month!

It’s finally December and we’re feeling festive! Christmas cheer is in the air and new year plans are only escalating. Soon, the parties and get together will begin and it won’t be too long until you find yourself saying, I have nothing to wear!

Let’s get that out of the way shall we? We picked 5 of the most popular, fashion-forward trends you can try this month, and that you can shop immediately! Just click on the images to shop. 

1.     Cape Culture

It doesn’t matter whether it’s an ethnic ensemble or a super modern one, capes are everything right now! They instantly take the outfit from drab to fab, and also help cover flabby arms if that’s a problem. No better way to add a touch of drama to your look, without really doing much. 

2.     The GownDown

Everyone does LBDs and high octane party dresses in December, but how about trying something more elegant and sophisticated that will make you feel like a million-dollar celebrity on a red carpet? Gowns! Whether a simple, flowy one for the day or an amped up, embellished one for the night, gowns are timeless. 

3.     Contemporary Queen

You might have your outfits ready for all those parties lined up this month, but it’s accessories that truly change your style game. This season, pick classic, contemporary pieces that are versatile enough to pair with ethnic or western looks. Sexy hand harnesses and cool double rings, anyone?