5 Facts You Should Know About Your Louis Vuitton Speedy

One of the most legendary fashion houses in history, one doesn’t need to be a fashion connoisseur to know that Louis Vuitton’s monogrammed bags are vied for the world over. The brand started with luxury leather trunk and goods and through the years has introduced totes that are still coveted today. 

One iconic bag that has stood out through the decades? The Louis Vuitton Speedy. Now reiterated in various versions, one better than the other, the first Speedy’s story is still what sticks with fashionistas worldwide. 

Here’s 5 things you didn’t know about LV’s most prized possession!

1. The Speedy came around in the ‘30s when Louis Vuitton decided to make a more practical, smaller version of the Keepall, a travel case, for daily wear. The Speedy 30 (denoting its length, 30 cms long) was the original one, but when Audrey Hepburn asked for a littler version on a phone call, LV had to oblige – thus came the Speedy 25, followed by the Speedy 35, and Speedy 40. 

2. Speedys range in size from petite to large, and if you’re looking for something smaller than a regular tote, LV offers a crossbody strap to keep you hands-free! 


3. The Speedy is part of Louis Vuitton's Mon Monogram program, which means you can customize yours with your initials and several stripes in the color combination you pick! So no matter that it’s been around for decades – your bag is made bespoke for you. 

4. The monogram canvas may be the most popular material for the Speedy, but if you’re not a fan of logo prints, the bag also comes in Damier and Epi leather options. Plus, LV comes up with new ways versions of the bag every season – watercolor, roses, cherries, pop-art pandas, graffiti… just stay glued!


5. The cold hard truth? After every season sale where employees of the company get to shop, all Louis Vuitton shoes and bags are sent back to the factory in France and are shredded or burnt, because luxury.