Breaking Twitter, Not Your Bank

Zapyle just launched brand new collections from covetable international brands like Gucci, Moschino, Michael Kors, Kenzo, DKNY, Tory Burch, Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs and tons more to come, straight from stores abroad. No long shopping lists to send cousins abroad, and no more waiting to shop on foreign trips. Best part? No hassle of customs duties!

Quite predictably, fashionistas everywhere were super excited and about 60 fashion bloggers lit up social media with the news and – wait for it – Zayple trended on Twitterverse for 2 hours! About half the new collection flew off carts within the first 48 hours and Zapyle hogged the limelight in about 35 publications like Economic Times, Financial Times, Business Standard and more.

So have you started shopping yet?