5 Things To Know About The Birkin Bag

From one of the best celebrated fashion houses of all time, the Hermès Birkin is the most iconic and sought-after handbag in the world.

No, seriously - this bag has year-long waiting lists and gets auctioned for millions of dollars! Here's 5 things you need to know about the Birkin ASAP:

#1 Launched in 1984, the tote was named after actress Jane Birkin, who co-designed the bag with then-Hermès chairman and CEO Jean-Louis Dumas.

#2 Know when the idea came up? On a flight, when Jane famously complained to Dumas that her Kelly wasn't practical for everyday use. Thanks to this fruitful encounter, the first Birkin was created a year later.

#3 Elegant-yet-sporty, the average Birkin takes 48 hours to be handmade by one expert French artisan, but never became a hit immediately. It only took off in the late ’90s, and how!

#4 The bag has been made in a whole rainbow of colours in the 32 years since its debut - at least 25 blues alone. The most expensive Birkin ever was diamond-encrusted and was auctioned at almost a quarter million dollars.

#5 Jane Birkin only uses one of the bags at a time and she's now on her fifth, but Victoria Beckham is said to own at least a 100 Birkins!

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