Louis Vuitton And Jaden Smith Are Making History Together

Pc : Louis Vuitton

Pc : Louis Vuitton

We might groan about fashion’s age old habit of bringing back throwback trends (Seriously, floral in spring? Who would’ve thought?), but there’s one major fashion revolution brewing on the runways, by a considerable bunch of fashion brands and being actively propagated by Seoul and Kanye West – say hello to gender neutral fashion! Because why can’t men wear skirts if women decided to wear pants ages ago?

The latest champion of gender neutral fashion? 17-year old rapper/designer/ actor and full time cool kid Jaden Smith. The style icon features in Louis Vuitton’s latest Spring/Summer 2016 campaign – Bruce Weber’ “Series 4” via a film dubbed, “The Heroine”. If you haven’t watched it yet, take a look below!

Jaden, who’s known to sport gender neutral clothing himself, endorses this campaign that’s turning out to be a head-turning fashion movement in itself. In the video, he’s seen wearing a metal embellished pleated skirt, motorcycle jacket and crochet top from Louis Vuitton’s new seasonal collection. Love it or hate it, looks like the trend is here to make headlines!

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