5 Fashion Trends That Need To Go in 2016

Fashion served up quite a varied fare last year - celebrity fashion lines, mass culture motifs, patchwork denim - there were a few good ones and then were some that we wouldn't want to take with us into the new year. 

Along with toxic relationships and clown contouring, check out a few trends we hope to leave behind in the bygone. 

Ugly Shoes

We just want to ask, why would you wear something that you call ugly and really is? We don't get it. Clunky flatforms, monster boots, and plain hideous footwear - out with them all!

The Naked Red Carpet Dress

This beaded, embellished, no-point-of-fabric red carpet favourite this past year can’t just not be worn IRL but been done to death already. Kim K, Beyonce, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus – please consider recycling this particular piece.

The Mullet Skirt

Also called the high-low skirt, and been worn way too much, there’s no way this trend’s coming back until the next century. 

Super Ripped Jeans

It started with boyfriend jeans, then they were slashed at the knees, then they were ripped some more, and now these jeans are just plain tattered. Let’s stop already, guys.

Fast Food Style

Jeremy Scott and McDonald, Karl Lagerfeld and his supermarket-themed runway and Anya Hindmarch’s “Tony the Tiger” breakfast-cereal-inspired handbags – what’s with designers finding inspiration in food?

Tell us which trends you didn't love at all in 2015 below!