The Bride Seamstress : Bindya Taneja

Fun loving, determined and a fashion fanatic, fashion designer Bindya Taneja believes that beauty lies in the details and that’s what she bases every life decision on. “Everyday is a new challenge for me and I look forward to it as my first!,” she exclaims.

It’s been 7 years since Bindya set up shop, and ‘Aanchal’ has become the go-to store in Bangalore for ethnic and wedding wear since. Her fashion calling came early on in life as she recounts. “Since college, I loved the feel of fabric and I somehow knew how to work with it. When my family members recognized my talent, they would ask me to design their clothes and were almost always satisfied with what I would come up with. So I think I owe it to my family for believing in me and encouraging me to pursue my love for fashion,” she says.

When it comes to her style in design, clean cuts and the fusion of contemporary and ethnic are what the designer believes in. “The first rule of a flattering outfit is the cut,” she explains. “And it’s what stands out most in my wardrobe as well as the clothes I make. I love simple, flattering cuts that are a combination of colours, textures and ethnic elements. I’m also inclined towards contemporary styles with a mix of ethnic elements.” Her forte though is designing gorgeous South Asian designs. “Culturally, we have so much heritage to work with, that almost every style can be expressed to suit your own personality, without having to worry about trends and runway currents.”

Speaking of, what are some of her current favourite trends? “Right now, I’m loving Palazzos and Pakistani styles. I’m also big on accessories and you’ll see that at Aanchal as well! Banarasi has made quite a comeback this season which only fuels my love for the traditional-meets-contemporary aesthetic!,” she says excitedly. 

Wondering where her fascination for ethnic wear stems from? “Bollywood, for sure! I’ve grown up watching the Bollywood fashion industry, seeing it evolve and emerge as this extravagant, opulent source of inspiration. My favourite designer is Sabyasachi. I love his creations, his play of colors and textures. Every garment he creates tells a story,” she gushes.

If you asked Bindya what the typical Aanchal woman was like, which we did, turns out there’s no such thing. “At Aanchal, we create what the client wants. With the help of my knowledge and what I can gauge, I’m able to design what usually turns out to be exactly, if not more than the client’s expectations. We don’t compromise on quality, luxury and exclusivity. We want every woman to feel like a queen and dress like one – be it a family event, your bridal trousseau, a night out with the girls or just a day at work,” she explains.

“My vision for Aanchal is to be the city’s go to destination for every woman’s custom made dreams. We love working with brides and want to grow our exclusive niche for her every need. We are currently tied up with many Pakistani designers so that women in Bangalore have easier access to what they would only see on the runway,” she says.

With the busy life of a designer that she leads, Bindya uses her free time to fortify her talent. “When I’m not at the boutique, I’m always out scouting new designs and fabrics to work with. I love to travel and see what trends are emerging in different cities,” she says.

As for fashion in the digital space, the designer is all for progress in the area. “Not just fashion, but our future itself is going to be pretty digital, as we can already see! It creates awareness for the buyer and gives them the freedom of unlimited choice. It definitely makes us, the creators, have to work harder, but it only gets more exciting! Apart from bridal wear that I think requires a personal touch, the digital medium is definitely where you will find every shopper in India,” she predicts.

Bindya is also a huge Zapyle fan. “I’m so impressed with what Zapyle is doing with digital retail in India. Not only is it creating an awareness of luxury brands, but also providing access to a demographic that is young and aspiring. It also gives us an opportunity to create more space in our wardrobes, and who doesn’t want that?! I’m so excited to add my favorites to my Zapyle Closet. It’s definitely going to add an ethnic element and you’ll get a glance into my world – let’s just say lots of mirror work and endless zardozi!,” she laughs, signing off.