Who Wore It Better: Carmen Ejogo v/s Priyanka Chopra

Earlier this year, Carmen Ejogo wore this white, sheer-paneled Self-Portrait dress to the InStyle Annual Golden Globe Awards Post Party, complementing the bright blue embellished collar of the dress with matching pointy-toed pumps.

A while later, Priyanka Chopra flaunted the same dress at an event, though she preferred to have the blue neckline removed and picked white stilettos instead, making for a pristine, all-white look.

Though both the ladies carried the looks off with oodles of panache, the million-dollar question is, who wore it better? Now, we’re not picking teams – our lips are sealed! We want to hear some opinions from all you discerning Zapylers: who styled it better and why? How would you have styled it? Vote and comment in the section below; we’re looking forward to some intense fashion debate!