Birthday Beauties: Beyoncé

When she’s not dropping record breaking albums, being one half of the world’s most famous power couple or singing for the Obamas, Beyoncé is making sartorial history while the rest of the world watches in amazement with jaws dropped. She’s probaby the most looked-forward-to celebrity on any red carpet event, a regular setter of trends that spred like wildfire and champion of women’s healthy body image. Her stage performances are practically unforgettable as she rocks crowds of millions to her chart topping numbers – all reasons why we can’t seem to come up with a fitting tribute to the Queen Bey.

What we can do though, is look backon the pop diva’s inspiring style evolution from being Destiny’s Child’s teenage solo sensation to the red carpet royalty of today. From high-octane show costumes to bedazzling ball gowns that flaunt those goddess-like curves, and style twinning with her adorable kid (they even do matching nails!), Beyoncé has pretty much aced the fashion space.

Today, on the superstar’s birthday, we get nostalgic about her countless sartorial successes – and why not? After all, she legit runs the world. Happy Birthday, Beyoncé!