Time To Update Your Work Pants

We get it, your fashion freedom at work really depends on how laissez-faire your work culture is, but it doesn’t mean that you have to confine yourself to boring black/grey/brown ‘work trousers’ and leave all your style spunk back at home. It’s time for a work pants upgrade!

Ever heard of joggers? They’re basically the fancy version of sweatpants, and completely appropriate work attire. Just ditch the jersey and terrycloth materials and choose heavier fabrics like wool and silk instead – simple! Details like cuffed hem and no drawstrings also help.

One thing we miss wearing to work has to be jeans! An alternative to that would be pants made of formal fabrics like corduroy and velvet that fit as nice and snug as jeans, but don’t look as casual.

If you’re missing your leather and leggings at work, try loose fitting leather pants or neoprene scuba pants – anything that’s not too tight and is thick enough to give formal structure.

Of course, there’s always the jumpsuit – your comrade at work and party/work to party! Look for tailored silhouettes that aren’t too tight or too loose, throw on a jacket if it’s sleeveless and you’re good to go.