Zapyle College Evangelist: Tanya Srivastava

A second year BBA student at Jain University, Bangalore, Tanya Srivastava is young, spirited and raring to go! And the Cosmopolitan-lover (the mag variety) and coffee addict happens to be our newest College Evangelist. “I’ve been interested in fashion since school; that’s when I really started thinking about clothes and how to wear them. I used to fixate on one outfit an figure out ways to wear it in different ways, and generally, the whole concept of putting together an outfit fascinated me.” Is she looking to work in fashion eventually? “I’ve always been ambitious. I really look forward to being part of a fashion magazine someday. I also want to be an entrepreneur at some point.”

So what’s her style like? “Comfortable, chic, versatile and free spirited. I want to feel confident in what I’m wearing. I love everything vintage and classic, and the 1950s style is top on my list, if you ask me which era I love,” she gushes. If she had to live in one outfit for the rest of her life, what would it be? “I have a couple – I can’t pick one! It would have to either be a white t-shirt and blue jeans, a high waisted skirt and a crop top, or a maxi dress.”

The 20-year old is clearly a huge shopaholic. “If there’s one thing that gives me real satisfaction, it’s when I buy something super expensive and it’s really worth it! Also, when I get good deals at sales, of course!,” she laughs. “Fashion online is definitely going to be the norm – I think it already is. And it’s because the Internet is a brilliant place to connect with different kinds of consumers, especially the youth segment, because I know we depend on ecommerce for literally everything,” she says.

Is she excited about being on board with Zapyle? “Zapyle is a really innovative idea and an excellent idea for fashion; it makes shopping so easy and convenient. I’m definitely looking forward to scoring some great steals!”