‘Showcase Your Closet’ Contest Winner : Ashwitha Naik

It’s time to announce the winner of or weekly contest – * drumroll * – Congratulations, Ashwitha!

We had asked all you fashionable Zapylers to send us snaps of your wardrobes – why? Because peeking into another style pal’s cupboard is almost like glancing into their soul, we think! Sure enough, we received a ton of entries with beautiful, colourful, super organized closets (*clap*), and we were very impressed to say the least. So many of us share a love for clothes, shoes and all things pretty, and it just makes our day a whole lot brighter!

We presented our winner Ashwitha with a gorgeous jumpsuit that she was very excited to receive – and that she styled beautifully. Going for a one tonal look, she paired the dual printed short jumpsuit with a bright orange satchel and matching pumps – and we loved it! Good job, Ashwitha.

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