Zapyle Brand Ambassador: Sara Vaisoha

Hello Zapylers! Allow us to introduce to you our new Zapyle Brand Ambassador, Sara Vaisoha. Having studied at London College of Fashion, Delhi-based Sara has interned with Vogue India, and also assisted a leading Indian stylist. But that’s not where her fashion roots end.

“I’ve loved fashion since I was little; everyone thought I’d grow up to be a designer, but I’m a stylist now so that’s good! My mother works for NDTV, so I’ve always accompanied her to different kinds of shoots, and pretty much grown up watching actors and actresses getting dressed and performing, and observing the general vibe of a set. But my real learning of fashion happened in London, the fashion capital of the world; I love watching how people dress and keep up with new styles.” And was styling a natural progression? “I’ve always styled my friends as a fun thing, and I still do. It’s not really a profession as yet, because I’m studying law and I want to earn my degree, but I’m so excited to be the brand ambassador for Zapyle!”

Speaking of law and fashion, Sara pipes in, “Amal Clooney is basically my spirit animal – I love her! She’s a lawyer and she’s super fashionable, and that’s who I want to be. I even dress like her sometimes - well, I try!”. We can’t help but agree. “Being a Gossip Girl fan, I'm also very influenced by Blair Waldorf; I loved all her outfits. I also love Olivia Palermo’s style – she’s simple, understated, and I really relate to that.”

With so much on her plate, we wonder what she does for fun. “Well, apart from fashion – golf! I’ve been playing the sport since I was 5. I’ve always been a sporty person so I love horse riding and cycling too. I also like to read.”

And how would she define her style? “I’d say I’m mostly sporty when it comes to my everyday looks, but when I have to dress up, I do classic chic. It perfectly reflects how I am as a person. When I go shopping, I’ll pick stuff that I like and looks good on me, rather than wearing something because it’s trendy.” So is she brand conscious at all? “Well, I am a brand person, but I’m not as spoilt as people think I am! (laughs) I love Hermès, Tod’s and Givenchy. Among the high street brands, I really like Topshop and Forever21. But Nike has to be my all time favourite because I pretty much live in it!”

Finally, what does she think of Zapyle? “I think it’s a great platform for the aspirational market, because it’s an easy way to get your hands on amazing designer stuff at discounted rates. I’m definitely looking forward to having a closet on Zapyle!” Well, so are we!

Because we had so much fun chatting with the PYT, we asked her some quick questions as well! Read on:

One outfit you could live in forever?

“My Nike tights, Nike Air Max shoes, and a t-shirt from Asos.”

Your favourite accessory?

“My Tag Heuer watch.”

Your go-to party look?

“An LBD. I usually dress it up with a nice, shimmery bag from Jimmy Choo or Givenchy. I like to keep it minimal.”

Three things you won’t leave the house without?

“My headphones, lip gloss and sunscreen.”

Dream wedding designer?

“Oh my god! I think I’d say Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla.”