Trend to Try: Black on Black

If you think head-to-toe black was only for Goths and winters, you’re hugely mistaken. The classic colour, while great as an anchor to complete outfits, can also be a complete outfit by itself – and fabulous! What’s best about the trend is that you can play with composition, textures, prints, silhouettes, fabrics and accessories and it will work perfectly. What’s even better? Black on black is basically an all-day, all-night combo – it works just as well as a laidback outfit for the day as it does as an elegant ensemble for the night.

We’re sure minimalist fashion bloggers everywhere are celebrating, as are our favourite celebrities flaunting it – the Olsen sisters are huge fans, the Kardashians love it and so do a ton of others. Scroll below for some quick style inspo for #allblackeverything #BlackonBlack #Trendalert #Fashion!