Featured Story : Mahi Shell

If you scroll through Mumbai-based Mahi Shell’s Instagram page, be prepared to be jealous – she’s super pretty, it’s populated with her travel adventures, and her style game is obviously totally on point – she can carry off a cool, sporty look as well as she can a chic gown or an ethnic outfit. A fashion designer with a degree from INIFD, she held a few hit exhibitions soon after, and then established her own store a few months ago.

“Fashion has always been an interest while growing up. To me, it’s an instant form of communication – it gives others a chance to understand who you are without having to say a word! And that’s special, because everyone has a unique story to tell and fashion is a means to communicate this message. I believe being fashionable is just not standing out, but being remembered. Though fashion has always been a repetition of ideas, what makes it new is the way you put it all together.”

That’s one deep-thinking fashionista we have here. And what are her thoughts on style? “I really think one can never be overdressed or over educated. Create your own style! Let it be unique for yourself and yet relatable to others. Don't let fashion own you but decide what you are and what you want to express. According to me, fashion is life and just like in life, you must always express your feelings freely!”

With more than 10k followers, and growing steadily by the day, you can’t help but wonder how she manages to do what she does best – fashion blogging like a pro, that is. “If I had to give someone tips about Insta blogging, I’d say don't be scared of the world, don't be scared of being made fun of or being criticized! Not everybody has to like your style. Just be confident and never be afraid to experiment, even if it means messing up a few times, it’s no big deal.” And is it mandatory for a style blogger to be as pretty as she is? “You don't have to be born beautiful to be wildly attractive. Fashion is something that comes from within! It's an art of self expression, not an excuse to be popular.” So there, we got our answer.

But what’s paramount for someone who wants to have a fashion blog is figuring out yur unique style in the first place. “Not everyone's closet is red carpet ready but going through yours can determine your signature look. Categorize what you like – it will enable you to make intelligent buying decisions on quality clothes you'll wear all the time. Once you’ve figured out your style, you can start investing in fashion. Keeping up with trends and seasons is much easier if your personal style is well established. Just don't try too hard!” Point noted.

But what are the things that come with the popularity? Any side effects of the job, good or bad? “Well, life has definitely changed post blogging! I've become a much more confident person. It's given me some fame and to be honest, I’m loving all the attention – who wouldn’t?” Fair enough!

One last question. What’s her go-to outfit when she can’t decide what to wear? “When I can't think of anything to wear, I’ll just throw on a white t-shirt or shirt, well fitted jeans and a pair of Converse. Works every time!”