Store Front Spotlight: Raunika Sood

Born and brought up in fashion conscious Delhi, Raunika Sood states very matter-of-factly, no holds barred, “Fashion defines me as an individual. I'm trendy and my clothes say it all.”

Having finished her graduation from Delhi University, she’s worked for firms like Hindustan Times, Airtel and TUI for over five years, but even though it was fun and helped her grow as an individual, she always had an urge to use her fashion skills to the fullest. “That’s when I started my label, ‘Raunika's Couture’. The online business of fashion was getting a lot of attention. One morning I finally decided to take the leap of faith and decided to build my brand. Designing trendy outfits for today’s fashionistas is my dream, and I hope to make every girl look trendy.” Very fitting for a girl whose life motto is, “Dream it, wish it, do it.”

With a huge section of today’s metropolitan millenials finding their niche in the digital space of fashion, one wonders how fulfilling the job might be. “My job as a fashion designer gives me immense satisfaction in a lot of ways. Firstly, it offers me a lot of flexibility in terms of creavitvity and time. Because this is a career for those who are innovative and willing to take risks, I think having a good eye for detail will definitely give you an upper hand.”

So what future does she see for the digital fashion space in India? “This is just the beginning and I’m glad we’ve have made it so far. The graphs are just going to rise and the percentage of people shopping online is only going to rise higher. Here’s hoping!”

We are definitely excited for what this ambitious PYT has in store for the future; seems like there’s a ton of good things in store. “A collection of exquisite lehenga sets, floor length evening gowns, peplum jackets with dhoti styled pants and suits, of course, tinged with rainbow colors ans sparkle for every occasion, mood, and dream.”
“Zapyle is a great platform for stylish people to showcase and sell their outfits. I’m eagerly waiting to check out everyone’s closets – it’s just going to get better!”, she signs off.