How To Engage on Zapyle

If there’s one foolproof tip we could give you to score the best deals on Zapyle, it would be to be super proactive! Just like how you scour the newspapers, are informed about sales through texts/via the internet, chat with your friends about upcoming collections of your favourite brands, and make plans to go shopping together to buy the best stuff, scoring a great deal on Zapyle is the exact virtual way of doing it. Here are a few pointers on how to engage on the app so you never miss out on something you would’ve love to own.

  • Love: We’re all about spreading fashion love all the time, so whenever you see a fellow Zapyler’s listing of something you love, just heart it! It will notify the person about your liking for their product and open up doors of communication between you and the seller, both to seal a deal either immediately or in the future.


  • Comment: If you see a product listing you love, and want to find out more about it, or simply want to compliment the seller on their great taste, leave a comment! You’ll be letting them know of your interest in buying their product and also allow them to have a look at your closet if they want to.


  • Share: Share some Zap love! If you see a listing that you absolutely adore, tap on the ‘Share’ button and it will appear in the feed and can be viewed by your followers. Want to share your own listing with your followers? Tap the ‘Share’ button and it will appear on all their feeds, so they can have a peek at your cute stuff.   


  • Admire: We think that when you follow someone’s closet, what you’re actually doing is admiring their style. So go ahead, Admire away! Remember, when you Admire someone, there are high chances of them Admiring you back. So don’t wait, get started gathering your bunch of Admirers by following their closets so they can follow you back.