Birthday Beauty : Blake Lively

Entering the Hollywood fashion scene with a bang as Serena Van der Woodsen in her Gossip Girl days, Blake Lively has only climbed the rungs of the fashion ladder – she’s a permanent fixture on the best dressed lists for her red carpet style, is a front row regular on every fashion show and is pretty much the darling of the fashion world, what with being Karl Lagerfeld’s muse for the longest time and being named the face of Gucci’s frangrance in 2012.

Her personal style is super contemporary, simple yet fabulous, and most importantly, very wearable, making her somewhat of a poster child for the best street fashion. Another unforgettable phase of her style file, would be her pregnancy fashion – the blonde superstar hardly ever wore maternity clothes! Months after giving birth, she was back to her signature happy colours and body con silhouettes, in the blink of an eye.

Let’s take a look at the super mom’s best looks of the recent times; we’re sure you’ll get more than your fill of style inspo!