Making A Comeback : Flared Jeans

This just in: Skinnies are currently being pushed to the back of wardrobes and retreating for a while. And while super fans will still wear them (we’re guessing), there’s a major throwback piece making its comeback!

Say hello to the classic flared jeans from the 70s and their cousin, the bell bottoms – they’re fresh on the scene and owning it! Though you’d promised yourself you’re never going back to the 2000s trend again, here it is again, knocking on your closet door as the latest trend that’s going around.

Agreed, it’s a bit scary for even the most daring fashion folk, but they’re definitely a comfortable alternative to tight skinnies – they’re also flattering on the hips and elongating for your legs, giving you the freedom to wear swishy blouses and the highest heels. Try them! Who knows, maybe they really do belong in your life? Here’s some inspo, with love.