Featured Story: Himanshi Goel

If you’re in conversation with Himanshi Goel, you’ll probably feel like you could do so much more with your life – the popular fashion blogger is a Business Economics degree holder, a trained jazz and contemporary dancer (having also learnt hip hop and belly dance), a yoga enthusiast, a traveller and a foodie among other things.

“I can never sit idle, something needs to be happening constantly in my life, so I’m always engaged in some work. I have to-do lists and I have to achieve them. So I’ve always interned through college – in fashion, and gained a lot of knowledge and first hand experience of the field.” Is that how blogging became a way of life? “Blogging is my passion; my main aim though is to become a stylist, because I love being behind the camera than in front of it. I love styling other people – ever since I can remember I’ve helped my friends look fabulous – I love doing that!”

She professes her love for fashion with utmost fondness; it’s something she grew up with. “During college, I was the type of girl who’d decide my outfit the previous night, because dressing up well has always been very important for me. I don’t think I’ve read any textbook as religiously as I’ve read Vogue! It was in the last few days before graduating, when I was preparing for my Masters at NIFT that I decided to start blogging. As luck would have it, I got through NIFT, Mumbai, but dropped the idea so I could dedicate myself to my blog.”

With so much passion for her profession, one wonders what her personal style would be like. She answers concretely, “My style leans toward a feminine aesthetic; I like dressing very chic and elegant. I own a lot of skirts – seriously, a lot of them! –different lengths, different styles. I always keep the comfort quotient in check while dressing up though, because if I’m not comfortable, how will I carry it off with confidence?” Which reminds us of her devotion to accessories, they’re all over her Instagram. “You would’ve noticed my handle has the word ‘bauble’ in it! Accessories are a very important part of my style, and I’ll never go without some statement pieces – they always glam up any outfit. I actually own more accessories than clothes – I feel incomplete with them!”

All that has surely piqued our interest in her closet – what does a fashion blogger’s wardrobe look like really? “My closet is full of casual clothes – lots of denim, skirts, shirts, and casual tops. You’ll notice a lot of white. I have about 10 pairs of sunglasses. I also own a lot of bags and obviously, a ton of accessories! I’m fond of quirky stuff like hairbands, clips, cute jewellery, small pouches that I collect but hardly use.” Don’t we all?

At this point, we’re very curious to know what a typical day in the life of a fashion blogger looks like? “Three outfit shoots, skipping lunch in between, rushing to an event afterwards, then coming home and dozing off while updating your Instagram!,” she rattles off. “But it’s all worth it when you receive that one compliment from a stranger you’ve inspired – no amount of shopping can give you that satisfaction.”

Speaking of, we’re very excited to get some advice for all you aspiring fashion bloggers straight from the girl who has over 4000 followers. “Its important that your work reaches your followers regularly, but never comprise on the quality. Rather than comparing yourself to other people, it’s important to concentrate on your own work. Start out by featuring smaller brands whose products you really like, style your old clothes differently, raid your family members’ closets, your best friends’ closet. You don’t really need to shop everything. There’s only one mantra to be successful as a blogger: keep blogging!”

On that note, Himanshi says she has a bunch of things lined up for us. “Zapyle is a great platform to interact with my followers – it’s new and fresh; I love the idea of a virtual closet. I have a lot of interesting items lined up for mine – lots of accessories I’m very find of are going to be up for sale soon, so don’t miss out!”