Weekly Roundup of our Newest Style Crusaders

Greetings, lovely Zapylers! It’s time for a weekly roundup of our awesome new 

Style Crusaders. Full of zing, they’re set to display their fashion prowess and 

their fashionable wardrobes on Zapyle. So don’t waste any more precious 

minutes, follow them asap!

Nikita Mehra

Zapyle Socia Handlel : http://bit.ly/Nikitamehra1

A passionate fashion writer and part time traveller, Nikita’s closet is a bundle of 

the trending fashion streets of the world. From a super casual look straight out of 

the streets of London, to the unconventional looks from the fashion streets of 

Milan, her style is inspired by the mundane and the fabulous.

Pragya Chopra


Zapyle Social Handle : http://bit.ly/PragyaChopra

Pragya’s style can be defined as classy with just the right amount of sass. Not one 

to be limited to designer labels alone, she likes to mix it up with high street 

brands and of course, her own unique touch. Her style icon is Kate Moss, 

speaking volumes about how she can pull off red lips just as well as she can a 

band t-shirt.