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  Our Newest Classic Crusader Aarzoo Batra 

Aarzoo Batra, or Zubeau, as you might recognize as her Instagram presence, is the kind of fashion blogger who wouldn’t have fancied any other mainstream profession, even if she wanted to – her heart truly lies in fashion. “I remember getting into fights with my mum as a 5 year-old, threatening I would go live at my grandmother’s forever. The only thing I would pack in my tiny purse would be my beloved hair accessories. That’s how far back my love for fashion goes!”

A Delhi girl inside out, Aarzoo is an Economics graduate from Fergusson’s, Pune, and currently works in Kuala Lumpur. “Fashion has been embedded in me for as long as I can remember. I started my own clothing line as a teenager, and now I run a fashion blog. If you ask what drives me, I think the key to every thing in life is to keep it authentic, and that’s what I’ve always stuck with.” Credentials aside, when asked to tell us about a few things she loves, she says, “Good conversations, my beautiful friends, the law of attraction, generous hearts and continuous learning.”

Her foremost love for sartorial trappings are clear though. “Fashion and style make my heart sing! A beautiful outfit helps me get out of a foul mood swing – exactly the effect a scrumptious desert would have on a foodie. Fashion is so powerful; it’s culture in infinite variations, symphonies and intricacies. From Paris fashion weeks to the Indian royal style, everything has a distinct way of expression, which is what makes it so beautiful.”

So did fashion blogging come as no surprise then? “I’ve always been that friend who is making sure her girlfriends look on point. Fashion blogging came very naturally to me after I dabbled a bit in social media. You could say Zubeau is a result of my fashion-inspired heart and my social media-savvy brain.”

Definitely seems legit. Any advice for aspiring bloggers then? “The best advice I could give would be that 'done is better than perfect.' When you have a vision and you know you have what it takes, just go ahead and make things happen. Don't wait to buy the perfect camera, create a studio space or create a fancy website – all you need is will and creativity to win followers’ hearts. Also, never forget that you’re an influencer to society; there’d be young girls following your opinions and everything you showcase, so that brings with it a certain responsibility.”

Coming to some quick, fun style talk, she lets us in on her fashion icons. “Audrey Hepburn, hands down! It’s probably because my personal style is also endearing and classic, with an ounce of chicness. I’m also obsessed with Alexa Chung, Jessica Alba and Emma Watson at the moment.” One fashion faux pas she’s averse to? “This isn’t exactly fashion-related, but I hate cakey makeup. It takes away all the glory even from the best outfit.” Point noted.

Speaking of, what are some trends she’s into right now? “I’m loving structured outfits of late – high-waisted tailored trousers, pencil skirts and bodycon dresses!” We can’t say we’re not obsessed with those too.

Signing off, she shares with us her zest for Zapyle, “It’s high time fashion enthusiasts and bloggers got an opportunity like this here in India. The concept of a revolving closet sounds like every girls' dream – I know it’s surely mine!”

Watch this space for more on Aarzoo – her style, her looks, and of course, her covetable closet!


Naaila Khan


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