Feature Story - Nikita Mehra

Nikita Mehra is a self-confessed Delhi girl, born and brought up in the capital. She’s well-read and music-savvy (Jane Austen and Ed Sheeran take up most of her free time, she says), ambitious, and has made it her business to be truly stylish. That would explain her thousands of followers on the gram, but she isn’t just here for the glamour. “I have always had a penchant for clothes and jewellery, and for quite some now, fashion writing has been my passion. But I also strongly believe in educational qualifications and beauty with a purpose, which is why I completed my degree in economics and worked as a research consultant with the London School of Economics. I do have very many goals in life!”

That alone would leave most of us leaving quite stumped. Impressive. But then again, her fashion is what makes her world go round. “The fashion bug bit me at a really young age. I would always dress up and try on my mom's cosmetics as a little girl. The interest only got stronger as I grew up. But funnily, real inspiration came when I started watching Gossip Girl. The characters were so effortlessly stylish and chic!” So is that when she tapped into her own dormant potential and become a fashion blogger? “I’d been documenting my personal style on Instagram like everybody else, but luckily, got positive feedback – a lot of girls would email me, requesting me to start a blog – that really motivated me. That’s why I’d always tell aspiring bloggers that it's really important to be you. There are so many fashion bloggers today, and the only way to stand out is if you portray what you believe in, regardless of the approval of others. If you ask me for my fashion mantra, I’d simple say, be creative. It's really easy to swipe a card and get your hands on a beautiful dress from a fancy fashion label but that doesn't qualify as a strong fashion palate. You should be able to create attractive looks, whether they come from a Ted Baker showroom, or the street.” So there you have it, you fashion blogger-fledglings – advice from the best.

Coming to style speak, she eloquently spouts off a Coco Chanel quote. "Fashion fades, but style endures. This is so true. Sure, I love following fashion trends, but nothing will look good on you if you don't have that special something. One's personality, style and the panache with which you carry yourself can never go out of fashion.” So how would she describe her style then? “My style is really bipolar. On some days you'll find me dressed for the runway, with some really trendy and edgy picks, and on others you'll find me in very casual garb, with a basic pair of denim jeans and a casual blouse – I call them my cheat days!”, she jests.

By now, we really want to know whom she derives her style inspo from, to get things into better perspective. “Blake Lively, and fashion bloggers Shanti Amit and Anna Banana – absolutely adore their sense of fashion. I’d say my style is similar to Deepika Padukone though – I get a feeling she has bipolar style too.”

And what are some fashion faux pas she despises? “Well, colour blocking can be tricky, people tend to think they’re rainbow outfits. Also, not dressing according to your body type is quite a blunder in my books.” She also has a couple things to say about the trends she’s loving this season. “Layering! Whether it’s layering outfits with scarves/capes, or layering neckpieces or hand accessories – even hair bands – it makes an outfit so much more interesting.”

We for one are quite excited to have her on board, and by the looks of it, so is she. “Zapyle is a cool concept to scale up the fashion scene in the country; I think it’s really unique and interesting. Not only can people learn from their favorite fashion bloggers, they can even get hands on their closet! And speaking of closets, I have a few really exciting things lined up! Do-it-yourselfers, uni-coloured outfits and head to toe looks in some of the most relatable brands.”

Clearly, there’s a lot in store from this super enthusiastic blogger. What have you to do? Just watch this space for more!