The Trendy Crusader: Priyanka Vinod

Instagram Handle : @PriyankaVinod 

There’s one paramount feature of super style consultant Priyanka’s Insta blog – you can’t stop scrolling. Her style is trendy, effortless and spot on every single time. No wonder her followers hoard her DM by the hundreds asking her for style tips, everything from how-to-wear-this to what’s-a-better-alternative-to-that. Her wardrobe primarily populated by the latest designer scores, some gem high street finds are also not lost on her.

We asked her to dish out her fashion favourites below!

Q. How would you describe your personal style?

A. I'd like to think I’m quite fashion forward; I like to keep up with what's trending. I'd like to be remembered as a woman who dressed elegantly and with sophistication, but someone who also was fashionably bold. My personal style reflects my core personality completely – I tend to be reserved initially, but once I get comfortable I’m completely open – just like how I double think to take fashion risks but own the look by the end of it, if I may say so! 

Q. If you could shop any celebrity’s closet, whose would it be and why?

Sonam Kapoor, all the way! She’s the champion of a fashion forward India, and more power to her. I'd definitely like to own some of her Elie Saabs and Anamika Khanna creations.

Q. According to you, what is a creative way to wear a structured skirt?

A.  Always team a structured silhouette with neutral colour schemes (black, white, grey, light pink) because the fabric is usually stiff. Keep the jewellery simple; I wouldn't wear any statement pieces as there is a lot going on with the look already!