The Boho Crusader: Kritika Khurana

Instagram Handle: @thatbohogirl

One look at this boho girl’s style blog, and you’ll see mastered the art of the aesthetic with her own personal touch. Her thousands of followers pine after her distinct style and we love it too! We chatted to her about it and here’s what she had to say.

Q. How would describe your personal style?

A. If I had to sum up my style, it would be boho-chic with an edge. My style evolves with me. I’m an accessory freak and a jewellery hoarder, and never leave my look unaccessorized. I also love maxi dresses, comfort, versatility, ethnic prints.

Q. If you could shop any celebrity’s closet, who would it be and why?

A. I’d love to raid the Olsen twins’ closet, especially during their bag lady/homeless chic phase when they wore layers of slouchy and shredded clothing all the time; it was drastic and radical.

Q. What is a creative way to wear a statement accessory? 

A. A statement neckpiece can completely transform your look. Big chunky oxidized silver jewellery is a hot trend right now. It’s easy to pair it with any outfit– a maxi or a casual t-shirt – and it will take your look from drab to fab! It adds an interesting element at the neckline and completes the look.