Zapyle's Classic Closet

Calling All Classic Stylistas

At first glance, if you see your wardrobe dominated by neutrals – blacks, beiges, whites, grays, navy blue; and your favourite pieces are all clean, straight silhouettes, you most probably belong in the Classic style brigade, along with a hoard of super stylish celebs like Anne Hathaway, Angeline Jolie, Lauren Conrad, Kate Middleton and Victoria Beckham, among many others.

The Classic school of fashion is one of timeless and tasteful style, slightly more conservative and mature than others, but far from boring. If your natural style is the classic one, you’re probably unruffled by the changing trends/fads, and stick to your dependable, anchor pieces, come rain or shine. Your wardrobe might consist of staples like soft draping tops, jackets, garments that can be layered, sober dresses and versatile accessories that go with everything.

Some characteristics of classic staples?

-       They’ll be a basic bold colour with not too much going in terms of print, embellishment, or detailing.

-       They will completely flatter your body type – accentuate your best bits and hide the problem areas well.

-       Effortless ensemble, because you want to be the one that draws interest, not your clothes. As Coco Chanel’s famously said, “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”

There are a few closet staples that you can never go wrong with. Here are some classic must-haves you should definitely be investing in:

-       The Little Black Dress: The virtues of the LBD are not lost out on anyone in this world. You can create anything with it as a canvas – from a hipster look to all out vintage.

-       The White Dress Shirt: This piece will give you a polished look in office or otherwise, and can be paired with a wide range of accessories, waist belts and bottoms. Go the extra mile and choose one with pretty details like ruffles, bibs, pleats, etc.

-       Denim Jeans: A well-fitted pair of jeans that you can live in – timeless. Make sure it fits like a glove, is a basic blue without any embellishments, and most importantly, comfortable.

-       Black Pumps: Whether pointy-toed or Mary Jane-like, a pair of good quality black heels will aid any outfit you decide to wear, from now till the next ten years at least. Get these asap.

-       Leather Bag: Whether a tote, oversized, box or slinged, a high-end leather bag, preferably in a basic block colour (black, tan) will stick with you through anything. Don’t go for the ‘it’ bag of the season, instead invest in a timeless piece from a good brand.

The classic aesthetic is a great one, especially if your tastes run modern. However, it’s easy to become lazy, too plain or safe; reassess your style so it doesn’t get too predictable. Stretch a little from your comfort zone, experiment with colours apart from neutrals, some amount of detailing and interesting touches of accessories like statement scarves or jewellery – they don’t have to be loud, just complementary. Have fun!

Our Classic Style Inspiration : Kate Middleton