Let’s Talk Colour Block

Long gone are the days when styling your clothes meant matching everything. Matching your lipstick to your bag and your shoes? So passé. What’s hot right now – and keeps cropping up in some form or the other, for good reason – is colour blocking. The art of juxtaposing more than two solid colours of various intensities together, without looking like a clown, is well, an art. Albeit not so tough to master.

And, if you feel like your wardrobe is one washed-out mix of neutrals – grays, blacks, whites and beiges – maybe it’s time to consider brightening it all up. After all, what’s a life lived in monochrome?

Blocking colours together in your outfit gives you lots of freedom to style and pair different hues together; you can either wear two solid colours in your outfit and accessorize with a third slightly softer hue, or switch that around – your whole outfit is your playground! Top tip: You can use even upto four colours in total, but try to keep prints or any sort of busy detailing to a minimum – you want the colours to stand out more than anything else.

Ahead, some of our fave colour blocked outfits – let the inspiration ensue! And as Rebecca Bloomwood taught us, “Don’t wear it (green) with yellow.”