Get Ready for the Rains!

Do the monsoons make you gloomy? Well if you applied the “save it for a rainy day” adage to your fashion choices, it probably wouldn’t be so gloomy anymore! Of course, summers are great to go all out and flaunt every style possible, but the showers shouldn’t force you to succumb to your winter grays either. Plus, dull, hazy weather only gives you more reason to colour it up – don’t forget the joys of cute, colourful raincoats and umbrellas, guys.

Firstly, throw out all that heavy raingear – clunky boots and raincoats that weigh down just as much as getting drenched would – they need to go. There are so many lightweight fabrics hot on the market right now that wont break you out in a sweat while you brave water pellets coming your way – fabrics like waxed or rubberized cotton and polyurethane are great. You can also try sleek parkas with tweed lining, preferably with a hood that will keep you dry as well as warm if it’s the freezing kind of downpour. And if your big boots are suffocating you, swap them for lighter, rubber sandals or maybe even Crocs, if you’re in the mood?

Be stylish and don’t be unfazed by the rains – just beat it!