Gearing Up For A Stylish Workout


Everybody knows working out is the best gift you can give your body. It gives your health a major boost, your skin practically glows post-exercise, all those endorphins are released – and it’s fun! What’s not-so-fun is looking frumpy at the gym. Or being all dolled up but at the cost of comfort. It all comes down to what you wear at the gym – if you look great, you feel great and you have a great workout! When you’re in the wrong workout gear, it’s a lose-lose in every department.

That’s why selecting your workout clothes, specifically the fabric, is so important. You’ve probably winced at those huge sweat patches post a heavy-duty workout, because you lazily threw on a cotton top, or been horrified when you felt something might tear during super stretches. Solution? Give some thought to what you’re going to wear while sweating it out.

As a general rule of thumb, you can decide on appropriate workout wear by the kind of exercise – are you doing super-charged workouts like gymming/running/spinning or low-sweat activities like yoga/pilates? It’s good to know what fabric to pick depending on this factor. Here are the most popular ones and how they work:

High-Sweat Workouts

When you know you’re going to perspire a lot, make sure your top/ at least your base layer, will keep you dry. Polyester/lycra blends or synthetic performance wear (nylon, polypropylene, compression, etc.) are great for this purpose. They are soft, mildew resistant, quick drying and stretch tremendously for extra ease. If you’re averse to synthetic materials, consider merino – a natural alternative with the same wicking power.

Low-Sweat Activities

You can choose more breathable fabrics for low intensity workouts – cotton, wool and bamboo materials are perfect for these. Who wants to wear synthetic to yoga anyway? Kind of takes away from the whole point. A cotton/bamboo blended with a small percentage of spandex is probably your best bet, as it moves with your body in motion, giving you freedom of movement, but also springs back immediately.

This being said, also pay attention to the design, fit, ability to be layered and performance (some clothes feature advanced technology: they combat odor, are UV resistant, glow-in-the-dark, etc.). Take a look at some of our favourite workout outfits! Nike, Pink , H&M , Victoria Secret and Adidas have great workout wear!